Create and delete a bucket in S3 Storage Service of AWS

Create and delete a bucket in S3 Storage Service of AWS

Create a bucket in Simple Storage Service

1. Login into the Amazon Web Service console window.

2. Choose the S3 Service from Storage Class.

Storage Class - S3

3. Press the Create bucket button as shown below.
Note: When you are in S3 then upper window show region becomes GLOBAL region.

Create Bucket in S3

4. Add a unique bucket name.It used as web So you need to choose unique.
Choose region in which you want to host.

Create bucket window

5. Next button, you see features of S3: versioning, Server logging, object level logging etc
Enabled as your need in your bucket.

Configure option

6. It is public permission if you can access your bucket from WEB URL then you need to uncheck the boxes. If you keep it private then press next button.

Set permission bucket

7. See the below REVIEW window, before creating then press CREATE BUTTON.

Review window

8. Bucket is created.

Bucket is created

Delete the Existing bucket

1. Select the bucket name which you want to delete and press the DELETE button.

Delete bucket

2. Confirm by writing name of bucket in the text box and Press CONFORM Button.

Confirm delete.PNG

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