Access denied in Delete Elastic Beanstalk bucket S3 AWS

Delete Elastic Beanstalk bucket access denied in S3 AWS

While tried to delete the S3 bucket, it is giving us the message in failure: “Access Denied”
Delete the bucket
Delete elastic bin stock
Error deleting Bucket

Following are the steps to delete the Beanstalk bucket shown in S3:

1. Go to the S3 service

2. Click on the bucket name which you want to delete.

3. Go to the Permissions tab –> Bucket Policy

Path for Permission

4. You see the below window bucket is showing “Deny”. But you cannot edit the permission to Allow in beanstalk case. It will give error.

Deny Elastic bean S3 bucket

5. Simple press Delete button on the Bucket Policy tab.

Delete the policy

6. Then come back to main Screen for delete the bucket.

Buckets –> Select the button –> Delete.

Delete elastic bin stock

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