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Table names in MySQL/MariaDB case sensitive

Case Sensitivity lower_case_table_names parameter used in MySQL/ MariaDB

lower_case_table_names parameter is used to define the case sensitive of table name in MariaDB/MySQL

Name = ValueDescription
lower_case_table_names=0:Names are case-sensitive. Default value for Linux database servers. Cannot be used natively on Windows or MacOS in a safe manner.
lower_case_table_names=1:Names are case-insensitive, and are automatically converted to all-lowercase internally and in all DB metadata. Default value for Windows database servers. Can be used on any OS.
lower_case_table_names=2:Names are case-insensitive, but retain their original casing internally and in DB metadata. Default value for MacOS database servers. Cannot be used natively on Linux.

Best Solution:

For change the case sensitivity for the existing database. We need to first take a backup of the database and then create a database with the lower_case_table_names setting in my.cnf file and restart the MySQL/MariaDB services then load the data into the database again.