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Enable and suspend S3 versioning in AWS

Enable and suspend S3 versioning in AWS

Versioning is act like backup and restore tool for Storage devices in Amazon Simple Storage Services. If you upload the file 1, then we updated file and uploaded again then it is not deleted by Amazon web service it is stored in S3 storage as older version. This way you can track the old version of your file.

1. Once S3 version is enabled you can only suspend it.(not disable)
2. When you upload the new file version then older version file is also kept in S3 storage which will charge you as COST of Storage. It will keep both files.

Enable the S3 versioning in AWS

Enable Version on New Bucket

1. Go to the AWS console and select S3 services.

S3 bucket

2. Create a new bucket with Versioning enabled. Following screenshot choose the S3 new bucket name:

Create bucket

3. While creating the S3 bucket enabled versioning by selecting check box in configure options tab.


4. Next tab set the permission as public or not then move to REVIEW tab. Check versioning is enabled at last tab.


Enabled on Existing Bucket
You can also enabled the version of existing Bucket.

1. Click on the Bucket name in S3 service window and go to the properties tab. You will find the versioning as first property.

Check versioning.PNG

Suspend the Versioning of S3 Bucket
Suspend will freeze the versioning it do not remove your old version object. It will remain same until you enabled it again.

1. Check the bucket property in S3 Service window. Versioning property is enabled, Click on enabled you can move it to suspend versioning.

Suspend versioning