Upload and delete objects in S3 bucket in AWS

Upload and delete objects in S3 bucket in AWS

Upload the objects(files,jpg etc) in Simple Storage Service(S3) bucket

1. Login in AWS console.

2. Select the S3 service in Storage class.

3. Click on the bucket name to open it.

Bucket is created

4. Press upload button for upload the files in the S3 bucket.

open and upload file in bucket

5. Upload window will be open, Select the files by ADD FILES button.

Upload in S3 bucket

6. In this example, i upload three files by selecting all of them and Press next.

After upload

7. Set the Storage Class in S3 bucket as your needed.

Storage class choose

8. Review the setting and upload the files.

Review upload.PNG

Delete object from S3 bucket

1. Select the S3 bucket on which you want to delete object.

2. Go to ACTION button , drag it to DELETE option and select.

Delete button.PNG

3. Delete window will open, you will conform to delete.

Delete window

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