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In this we are handling Oracle Database Administration and development task. If provide solution of ORA Errors and configuration Steps for setup in Oracle.

Move the Oracle Grid Home location in Oracle Environment

Steps to move the Oracle Grid Home location in Oracle Environment

1. Login with root user, Stop CRS services.

cd /u01/app/12.2.0/grid/bin
./crsctl stop crs
./crsctl stop cluster

2. Login with grid user, shutdown or kill all the services running from Oracle grid existing home.

ps -ef

kill -9

3. Login as Grid user, deattch the grid home with following command.

/u01/app/12.2.0/grid/oui/bin/runInstaller -silent -waitforcompletion\
-detachHome ORACLE_HOME='/u01/app/12.2.0/grid' -local

4. Login as Root user, Copy the old grid binaries to new location.

mkdir /u01/app/12c
cp -pR /u01/app/12.2.0/grid /u01/app/12c

5. Login as Root user, Unlock the destination folder:

cd /u01/app/12c/grid/crs/install -unlock -dstcrshome /u01/app/12c/grid

6. Root user, Relink and clone the new binaries oracle binaries.
Clone command asked for some parameters or you can pass directly

---Go to the path as old home and pass parameter as new home
cd rid_home/clone/bin
run the

--On Linux System
perl -silent ORACLE_BASE=/u01/app/oracle ORACLE_HOME=
/u01/app/12c/grid ORACLE_HOME_NAME=OraHome1Grid

-- On Window System:
perl ORACLE_BASE=D:\u01\app\grid ORACLE_HOME=D:\u01\app\grid\12c
ORACLE_HOME_NAME=OraHome1Grid ORACLE_HOME_USER=Oracle_home_user_name

7. From ROOT user, Run the following command after prompt by

run and

8. From ROOT user, start up from new home location.

cd /u01/app/12c/grid/crs/install
# -move -dstcrshome /u01/app/12c/grid

9. If you doing it on RAC Environment then do this on every node.