Access Denied assigned public permission to S3 bucket or object in AWS

Access Denied assigned public permission to S3 bucket or object in AWS

1. Login to AWS console window.

2. Select the S3 Services in the Storage class and select the object.

Click on object.PNG

3. Try to access the JPG picture from S3 Web URL. Click on the object in the bucket which you want to see. its property window will open.

Property of object

4. Copy the URL in web browser and see the message is ACCESS DENIED.

Access Denied Error

5. On checking the object property, to make it PUBLIC button seemed to be disabled.

Assign Public permission to object disabled.PNG

6. Edit the bucket permission first to PUBLIC. Select the bucket name and press EDIT PUBLIC ACCESS WINDOWS button on top.

Edit public access setting

7. Un-check the popup window for grant accesss to public for the S3 bucket.

uncheck block access

8. Then confirm it with public access.

confirm public access

9. Check bucket is now having PUBLIC access.

Public access done.PNG

10. Now select the object and go to ACTION -> PUBLIC button is enabled.

Change public access of object.PNG

11. Change object permission to PUBLIC.

Make public object access

12. Now access the URL again from web browser its working fine.

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