Change Storage Class in S3 at bucket or object level in AWS

Change Storage Class in S3 at bucket or object level in AWS

Change Default Storage Class on AWS S3 at Bucket Level

We cannot change the storage class at Bucket level, even when we create bucket then we are not getting option to choose the storage class for the bucket.
For overcome, we can implement life-cycle policy at bucket level.
Default Storage Class used is S3 Standard.

Change Storage Class at Object level

1. Go to the object present in bucket.

2. Select the object and go to the ACTION button.

Action button

3. In ACTION drop down, Choose the CHANGE STORAGE CLASS button.

Change Storage Class

4. Choose the Storage class as you need.
Following are storage classes in S3:
S3 Standard It is default and used for general-purpose storage of frequently accessed data.
S3 Intelligent-Tiering for data with unknown or changing access patterns.(it monitor data not accessed 30 days then move it to infrequently access data storage).
S3 Standard-Infrequent Access For data accessed less frequently, but requires rapid access when needed
S3 One Zone-Infrequent Access For infrequently access data, stores data in a single AZ and costs 20% less than S3 Standard-IA.
S3 Glacier secure, durable, and low-cost storage class for data archiving. retrival time will take minutes to hours.
S3 Glacier Deep Archive designed for long-term retention of data , Retrieval time within 12 hours

Choose storage class.PNG

5. Finally conformed the Storage class with CHANGE button.

Conform for change.PNG

6. See the object storage class is changed.


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