Create billing alarm in Amazon web service with CloudWatch

Setup and create billing alarm in Amazon web service cloud

We need to setup the billing alarm if our budget of using AWS paid services go up to our budget.
It give us alert about your usage exceeded as your specified amount.
Suppose i set 100 dollars if my usage increased from 100$ of using services then AWS services send us the alert.

1. Login with AWS main account.

2. Go to the Service CloudWatch under Management & Governance


3. Go to the billing tab at right side.


4. Press the button and Create a billing alarm.

create alarm

5. At step 1, You will see the following fields in billing alert window.
1. Metric Name : Estimated Charges
2. Currency: USD
3. Statistics: Maximum
4. Period : 6 hours : its the time which it will monitor for billing. you can also change a you want from 10 sec to 1 day.
5. Threshold type: Static
6. Estimated charges > greater than value you set.
7. threshold value = 10 dollars as you want to set.
8. Press NEXT button.

Billing Alarm1

Billing Alarm2

6. At step 2, configure actions: Select the notification service. SNS
Create new topic if you don’t used already any SNS Topic set as shown in image:
After create new topic press NEXT button.


7. At step 3, Add a description in it.

Description AWS billing

8. At step 4, Preview and Create by pressing create button at last.

At last Create alarm button preview

9. It’s created you can see in ALARMS section when you conform email id by clicking then it removed from pending confirmation.

Created billing Alarm pending confirmation.PNG

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