Create new PDB database with DBCA utility in Oracle

Create new PDB database with DBCA utility in Oracle

  1. Open the dbca utility by typing on command prompt: dbca or On windows go to start and select Database Configuration Assistant. Select Manage Pluggable Database option for Creating pluggable database.

2. Choose option for create a Pluggable database in DBCA utility.

3. Select the container database in which pluggable database you want to create.

4. Choose the option from which you want to create the PDB database. If you want to create PDB from another PDB then you need to select the pluggable database name otherwise for fresh installation keep it to PDB$SEED.

5. Set the name of new Pluggable database and its admin username and password

6. Choose location of pluggable database options:

7. Summary:

9. Progress of installation:

9. Finish the creation of Pluggable database.

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