Create a new database with DBCA utility in Oracle

Create a new database in Oracle Server

  1. Run the Command from Command Prompt: dbca or From windows Start button Click on Database Configuration Assistant

`2. Select Create database and move to advanced configuration if you want to modified its character set or choose memory size or configure other setting manually. Other wise choose typical configuration Oracle choose all aetting for you.

3, Choose Advanced configuration and select deployment type.

4. Give the global database and SID name. choose where to create CDB or Non-CDB database.

5. Choose the Storage setting for oradata.

6. Enable Fast Recovery Area and Enable Archiving mode.

7. Choose listener setting

8. Select Oracle Data Vault Config option

9. Choose memory and character set setting according to your need.

10. Choose for configure Enterprise Manager database option

11. Specify the password for user name sys or all system users.

Password in not as per Oracle recommended Standards. So change password or press continue to use your password

12. Select Database creation option.

13. Summary page show you all location and setting you choose and press Finish to create new database.

14. Progress started. It will create a new database with DBCA utility

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