Reset the password in AWS with main account

Reset the password in AWS with main account

If you lost or forget the AWS console login password then you can reset it from the main account of AWS console. You need to contact your AWS administrator which giving you permission to login the below window and ask to reset the password. You can also regenerate the AWS Command line credentials if you lost them by deactivating old one.

Following are the steps if user forget its password or lost the Access key:

Forget or Reset the user password

1. Login with Super AWS user.

2. Go to the “Security, Identity, & Compliance” and select the IAM service.


3. Go to the USER button at right side of windows:

User Select.PNG

4. Identified the user which you want to reset or change the password. Click on the User name which you want to reset the password or download new access key.

Select the user.PNG

5. Click on the Tab “Security credentials” for changing the AWS console password.

Select Security Credential

6. Go to “Sign-in Credentials” windows then select manage in front of console password.

Manage Password

7. A new window will open, set the password credential.

Set password for console.PNG

8. You password is reset.

If you lost access key or make current inactive
Follow steps upto 5 as above.

6. Go to the section “ACCESS KEYS” and change the status of key to inactive by clicking MAKE INACTIVE link.

Access key make inactive.PNG

7. Now Access key become inactive, its is not used by anyone.

Inactive access key 2.PNG

8. You can also create it by “create access key” button and download it.

New Access key

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