Migrate the OCR to ASM disk group using OCRCONFIG in RAC Environment

Migrate the OCR to ASM disk group using OCRCONFIG in RAC Environment

From Oracle 12c, its not support raw devices so you need to configure OCR and voting files in ASM. For upgrade the old oracle clusterware in 12c first you need to migrate theh OCR to Oracle ASM diskgroups.

Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR) stores Oracle Clusterware and RAC database configuration information.
Oracle Local Registry (OLR) present on each node locally and manage the Oracle Clusterware configuration information. Its default location is in the path Grid_home/cdatahost_name.olr,
Voting files store information about node membership.

Following are the steps to migrate OCR to Oracle ASM using OCRCONFIG:

1. Check upgrade to Oracle Clusterware 12c is complete.

crsctl query crs activeversion

2. Run ASMCA to configure and start Oracle ASM on all nodes in the cluster.

3. Create Diskgroup with at least Normal redundancy with same or more size as OCR has existing size.

4. Add OCR to an Oracle ASM disk group with root user.

ocrconfig -add +new_disk_group
ocrconfig -add +ASMOCR

Note: Run this command more if you are having more location for OCR. If you have 5 location then run it 5 times with different location.

5. Delete old storage configurations or copy of OCR with root user.

ocrconfig -delete old_storage_location
ocrconfig -delete /ocrdata/ocr_1

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