Check datafiles and tablespace information in Oracle

Check which datafile belong to which tablespace with views in Oracle

Check information about datafiles

SQL> select * from dba_data_files;
SQL> select * from v$datafile;

Check information about tablespace

SQL> select * from dba_tablespaces
SQL> select * from v$tablespace;

check size of datafiles

select file_name,bytes/1024/1024/1024 from v$datafile; 

Check the tablespace size

SELECT df.tablespace_name "Tablespace",
  totalusedspace "Used MB",
  (df.totalspace - tu.totalusedspace) "Free MB",
  df.totalspace "Total MB",
  ROUND(100 * ( (df.totalspace - tu.totalusedspace)/ df.totalspace)) "% Free"
  (SELECT tablespace_name,
    ROUND(SUM(bytes) / 1048576) TotalSpace
  FROM dba_data_files
  GROUP BY tablespace_name
  ) df,
  (SELECT ROUND(SUM(bytes)/(1024*1024)) totalusedspace,
  FROM dba_segments
  GROUP BY tablespace_name
  ) tu
WHERE df.tablespace_name = tu.tablespace_name;

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