Rapid Home Provisioning in Oracle

Rapid Home Provisioning in Oracle

Rapid Home Provisioning is a software lifecycle management method for provisioning and maintaining Oracle homes.
It enables mass deployment and maintenance of standard operating environments for databases, clusters, and user-defined software types.
Rapid Home Provisioning Server is a highly available software provisioning system that uses Oracle Automatic Storage Management (Oracle ASM),
Oracle Automatic Storage Management Cluster File System (Oracle ACFS), Grid Naming Service (GNS), and other components.

Rapid Home Provisioning architecture consists
1. Rapid Home Provisioning Server.
2. Any number of Rapid Home Provisioning Clients and targets.

Repository of data:
Gold images
Metadata related to users, roles, permissions, and identities

Note: By default with Oracle Grid Infrastructure you got the Rapid Home Provisioning server is configured for support the local switch home capability.
If you want to configure Rapid Home Provisioning Server then you remove from it local.

Steps to Remove the Rapid home provisioning Server

# srvctl stop rhpserver

# srvctl remove rhpserver

Create the Rapid Home Provisioning Server
Rapid Home Provisioning Server uses a repository that you create in an Oracle ACFS file system in which you store all the software homes that you want to make available to clients and targets.

1. Use ASMCA to create an Oracle ASM disk group to store software(so at least 50GB diskgroup)

2. Provide the mountpoint exists on all nodes, it used for mount gold images.
mkdir -p storage_path/images

3. Create the Rapid Home Provisioning Server resource from grid home:
srvctl add rhpserver -storage storage_path -diskgroup disk_group_name

4. Start the Rapid Home Provisioning Server:
srvctl start rhpserver

Import image in Rapid home server

-- From install home location
rhpctl import image -image image_name -path path_to_installed_home

--From working copy
rhpctl add image –image image_name -workingcopy working_copy_name

Make image in PUBLISHED state
Starting state of an image to TESTABLE or RESTRICTED when you tested and published then it available for use.

rhpctl promote image -image image_name -state PUBLISHED

Provisioning the copy in Server, client or target

-- At server
rhpctl add workingcopy -workingcopy working_copy_name -image image_name

-- At client with local location -Path folder must be empty
rhpctl add workingcopy -workingcopy working_copy_name -image image_name
-storagetype LOCAL -path path_to_software_home

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