Cloud Storage in Amazon Web Service

Cloud Storage in AWS

Cloud storage is service model in which data is maintained , managed ,backed up, make available.It is fully managed service it handle by AWS. AWS managed in background like upgrade hardware , maintenance , change of hard disk etc.. We did not know what’s going in background.

Payment method in AWS for storage
-Pay what you use
-Monthly rate

Option of Cloud Storage:

Block Storage – EBS (Elastic Block Store)
Block storage cab be accessed by only one machine instance at a time. It is like hard disk. You can use for database , application etc . It is tier Zero or one type Storage. You can also take snapshot of EBS Volume like backup.

Object Storage – S3 (Simple Storage Service ) or Glacier (within S3)
S3: Object storage can be accessed directly by multiple machines. It is used by WEB API. It is web based storage store images, videos etc. S3 is tier two level.
Glacier is storage very slow because it is cheap. It used for low term storage purpose for database backup, log files, archive backup. It is tier 3.

AWS Connection Storage Service
Service used to move data to AWS Cloud or integrate you infra with AWS cloud.
Storage Gateway: way to integrate on-premises IT environment with AWS Storage. It integrates two sites suppose you want to integrate your office infra with cloud infra AWS Storage.
Snowball: A service that enables large volume data transfer, you can provided with physical devices for sending the data to AWS cloud.

Common terms:
SOLID STATE DISK (SSD): faster hard disk and give you better IOPS
HHD (hybrid hard disk):
IOPS: Unit of measuring representing input/ouput per second.
DISK I/O: it display what percentage of time a disk in use by a read or write command.
TiB(Tebibyte) : 1 Tib = 1.10 TB = 1024 Gibibytes , 1 Terabyte = 1000 Gigabytes
GiB(Gibibyte) : 1 Gib = 1.07 GB = 1024 Mebibytes , 1 Gigabyte = 1000 Megabyte
Mib(Mebibyte) : 1 MiB = 1.05 MB = 1024 Kibibytes , 1 Megabyte = 1000 Kilobyte

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