Disassociate and release Elastic IP in AWS Cloud

Disassociate and Release Elastic IP address in AWS

Elastic IP address is public IP address needed for configure the server to one static IP address.Elastic IP address is charged by Amazon if you not associated it with any instance. Means you are not using Elastic IP address.

1. Check the Elastic IP address Present in EC2 Dashboard.

Resource elastic ip.PNG

2. Go to Network & Security –> Elastic IPs then right click on Elastic IP and select disassociate from the instance in which it assigned.

disassociate address

3. Check the instance of disassociate Elastic IP then disassociate address from it.

disassocate Elastic IP 2.PNG

4. Release the Elastic IP address after disassociate done from the EC2 instance.
For Release again right click on the IP address and release the IP address from your account if no longer needed.

Release address

5. After release verify the dashboard again to check whether the Elastic IP address is released from your account.

released resouce snapshot.PNG

Note: It show the result 0 in Elastic IP address column. Means your account is not using Elastic IP address.

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