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Network interface information with OIFCFG command in RAC

Network interface information with OIFCFG command in RAC

OIFCFG command will help to administrate and check information regarding network interface in clusterware.
It will help in allocate and deallocate network interfaces to components, Direct components to use specific network interfaces and retrive information.

PUBLIC: An interface that can be used for communication with components external to Oracle RAC instance such as Oracle Net and Virtual Internet Protocol (VIP) addresses.
CLUSTER_INTERCONNECT: A private interface used for the cluster interconnect to comunicate nodes with each other.

Check the network interfaces in clusterware
List the interface present on the node.

oifcfg iflist

Check network information
Return value of global public and private interconnect information which interface type has been defined with the setif command.

oifcfg getif
eth0 global public
eth1 global cluster_interconnect

Set the global interconnect value of ethernet
Set the value of eth0 to as a global interface.
You can sets an interface type (public, cluster interconnect, or Oracle ASM).

oifcfg setif -global eth0/

Delete the global value

oifcfg delif -global eth1/