Uninstall MySQL instance from Window Server

Deinstall MySQL Server from Window Server

Remove the MySQL instance from your Windows platform. Following are the steps show you the example of removing the MySQL Server from windows machine.

Example show you with both option:
1. With Installation Wizard.
2. With Manually delete operation in Windows.

Deinstall with Installation Wizard

1. Open the downloaded setup by double click MYSQL msi software. It will show you the all installed components in your windows machine as shown in image.

1 MYSQL installer

2. Select the software from the list which you want to deinstall.

2 Select the uninstall

3. Press the EXECUTE button, it will start removing the MYSQL component which you selected.

4 removing.JPG

4. When it reached to 100% then its finished. You can verify from WINDOWS services.msc utility.

Deinstall manually steps

1. Open the Services.msc windows and stop the MYSQL service

2. Open the Command Prompt as Administrator and execute the following command to stop and remove MySQL service.

-- Stop the Services
C:\Windows\system32>Net stop MySQL80
The MySQL80 service is stopping...
The MySQL80 service was stopped successfully.

-- Delete the Services
Sc delete MySQL80

C:\Windows\system32>Sc delete MySQL80
[SC] DeleteService SUCCESS

3. Go to Control Panel >> Programs >> Programs and Features, select MySQL Server x.x version and click Uninstall.


4. Open Windows Explorer, go to “Organize” tab > “Folder setting and search” options. Select the “View” tab –> “Hidden files and Folders” choose the “Show hidden files and folders”.

Hidden folder.JPG

5. Open the following location and clear the contents:

C:\Program Files\MySQL
C:\Program Files (x86)\MySQL
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

6. Restart the window machine and reinstalled MySQL.

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