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Steps to create Amazon Web Service(AWS) cloud Free Tier account

Steps to Create Amazon Web Services (AWS) Free Tier Account

Amazon Web Services AWS is an Amazon Cloud Service which provideĀ  different infrastructure, database and application as a service.

AWS Free Tier is the Service which used to learn the Amazon Cloud. It help to practice understand and learn than amazon web services

Following are the Steps to create an AWS Free Tier Account

1. Open the Google web page and type AWS free tier on Search engine.

2. Go to the following link directly or by google in first step.


3. Page also provide the free service information when you scroll down the web page.


4. For Creating free account, Click on Create a free account button.


5. Provide the Email address password and Name on following form.


6. AWS Site ask for more contact information as shown below.


7. After Personal information you will ask for the Credit card detail.
Note: Only 1 dollar or 2 Rupees is deducted from you account for verification purpose for genuine user and that money is credit back in 3 days.


8. After submit you will come to the Dashboard Page as below.


9. You will received mail about your account status. That its activate or not.

10. If you tried to open the EC2 page following message display as shown below:


11. Then you can see two link as follows:
Complete Your AWS registration
Check weather your AWS registration or Mobile No is registered or registered it. For Registration you will get call and pin number to verified it.
Credit Card Information
Check the Credit card detail it is correct otherwise check with your Credit card bank why transaction is deny or try with another card.