Remove data from General_log in AWS RDS for Mariadb or Mysql

General_log truncate the table in AWS RDS

If general_log = 1 and log_output = TABLE then it start filling the mysql.general_log table.

In AWS Environment, its doesnot provide any way to truncate the table. you can rotate the table data by executing one AWS package which will put the general_log data to general_log_backup table and Empty the general_log_Backup table if it already has data.

Connect with mysql or mariadb prompt and execute it:

CALL mysql.rds_rotate_general_log; 

For completely remove the data and release space, execute the procedure two times:

CALL mysql.rds_rotate_general_log; 
CALL mysql.rds_rotate_general_log; 

For slow query parameter (slow_query_log = 1), To empty the mysql.slow_log we will use the following :

CALL mysql.rds_rotate_slow_log;

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