Kill session or query in AWS RDS for MYSQL or MariaDB

Kill process or query in AWS RDS for MySQL or MariaDB

Kill Session in AWS RDS for MySQL or MariaDB:

--Check the process list by query:

Id|User|Host           |db|Command|Time |State   |Info                 |Progress|
 7|root|localhost:51694|  |Sleep  |28652|        |                     |     0.0|
 8|root|localhost:51695|  |Sleep  |  327|        |                     |     0.0|
 9|root|localhost:51696|  |Query  |    0|starting|SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST|     0.0|

--Kill the session 8
CALL mysql.rds_kill(processID);

CALL mysql.rds_kill(8);

Kill the running query in Amazon RDS Service: MySQL or MariaDB.

--Check the Queryid:
select query_id, info from information_schema.PROCESSLIST p 
query_id|info                                                                   |
     163|select query_id,info from information_schema.PROCESSLIST p¶LIMIT 0, 200|
     149|Select * from employees                                                |

--Kill the running query:
CALL mysql.rds_kill_query(queryID);

CALL mysql.rds_kill_query(149);

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