Error saving: Cannot modify a default parameter group. (Service: AmazonRDS; Status Code: 400; Error Code: InvalidParameterValue; Request ID: 52f52887-7247-457a-97c3-abc76946cbd2; Proxy: null)

In AWS when we try to edit the Default parameter for the Amazon RDS server for MariaDB then we get the error.

Cause: We cannot change the default parameter.

Solution: We need to create the new parameter group and associate that with the database and reboot the database.

Steps as follows:

  1. Create the New Parameter Group.

2. Create a Parameter group as you required, which I named as General log.

3. After Creating Group “General log”. Select and edit the parameter.

4. Edit the General log parameter to 1.

5. Associate the Parameter group with the Database. Go to Databases and click on Modify button.

6. Go to the Database Option and select the new parameter group.

7. Apply the changes that will show as :

8. In the Screen below, it will ask for Apply immediate effect or Apply at next scheduled maintenance window.

14. May reboot is required for the Database to associate it. Check at the configuration tab of the database.

15. Reboot the database from RDS console.

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