Change parameter general_log in database MariaDB AWS RDS Environment

Change parameter of the database in AWS RDS Environment

Create the Database parameter group

  1. Open the Amazon RDS and go to the Parameter groups.

2. Click on Create parameter group.

3. Enter the Detail for Creating the Parameter group as Group Name and Description.

4. Select the new parameter group “Generallog” for modification.

5. Change the parameters in General_log to 1 value and save the changes. Verify the log_output parameter to table value.

6. Next Step is to Associate this parameter group with the Database in which you want to change the parameter. Go to the RDS –> databases –> Select the database —> Click Modify.

7. From the Database options, choose the DB parameter group that you want to associate with the DB instance.

8. Submit the request for change.

9. Reboot the database for effect.

Note: Log_output parameter is TABLE then check with the following query: (Default in Table in my Case)

Select * from mysql.general_log

If the Log_output parameter is FILE then check the log file in the Database tab –> go to Logs & events tab –> check the logs section.

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