Install Oracle 19c database in OS platform

Steps to install Oracle 19c database with unzip software location.

Oracle 19c is having some changes in installation process. First, we need to setup the software location and unzip the software to that location because Oracle 19c will use that location as software location permanently. Oracle modified these process it will take less time to install the Oracle 19c software and easy to use these software by copy paste to other location.

  1. Create the folder where you keep and use the software location. I created as E:\Oracle\19.3.0\dbhome_1.
  2. Unzip the Oracle 19c software in the upper created dbhome location. It will extract all your software binaries to E:\Oracle\19.3.0\dbhome_1.

3. Now the folder having setup.exe for start the installation process.

4. Start the installation process by clicking on setup button. Select configuration Option will come to choose Create and Configure a single instance database or Setup Software only.

5. Choose Desktop or Server Class

6. Choose the Oracle home user:

Give warning for user has limited privileges: press continue.

7. Check the Oracle Installation Configuration: See Oracle 19c doesnot provide option to choose the Software location, that why we need to configure it in first step. We can choose the Oracle Base or Oracle ORADATA location. Generally in previous system “E:\Oracle” but in my case i choose “E:\Oracle\19.3.0”. Please edit according to your need.

Warning for password not as Oracle Recommendation Standards: Continue

8. Performs Prerequisite checks:

9. Summary:

10. Start the install process:

11. Oracle installation is finished successfully.

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