Steps to add disk in the Virtual Box Window Machine

Steps to add disk in the Virtual Box of window machine

1. Open the Virtual box software and add disk by click on Setting button.

Virtualbox Settings

2. After open Setting, go to Storage tab in left panel and click + button on right panel above the list of already mapped storage.

Harddisk +button

3. Select Create button on new window.

Harddisk +button

4. Create the new harddisk by clicking CREATE button

Create button to add harddisk vdi

5. Follow create harddisk button. Choose type as VDI and press next

Create VDI disk image

5. Choose dynamic or fixed size disk

choose dynamic or fixed allocated disk

6. Choose size of disk.

Choose size

7. Choose created disk for associate with the Virtual machine.

Choose for attached to Machine

8. Now hard disk is listed with Virtual machine storage.

Harddisk attached to Virtual machine

9. Now Start the Virtual machine and map your harddisk with the machine.

Linux use fdisk command – fdisk -l list the drives , format the disk

window use Disk Management –> First intialize then format the disk

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