CLSD-1009 and CLSD-1011 messages in alert log of clusterware

CLSD-1009 and CLSD-1011 messages in alert log of clusterware

OCR support Data loss protection mechanism. If you have left only OCR and your mirrored OCR is not accessible then Oracle cluster-ware prevent further modification to available OCR location. Then it will generate error message in alert log.
You can tried to start the Cluster database from other node. If not then you can override the protection mechanism.


1. Check the node’s OCR configuration with other nodes on which Oracle clusterware is running.

ocr.loc on Linux and UNIX systems
the Registry on Windows systems

2. If you found difference in configuration then running

ocrconfig -repair

3. If configuration not found any difference then check the permission in all nodes for OCR location

-- On Unix or Linux platform
Ensure that all the node can access configured OCRs location by running an ls command.
-- On Windows
Use a DIR command if the OCR location is a file
Run GuiOracleObjectManager.exe to verify that the part of the cluster with the name exists.

4. Check with ocrdump command regarding OCR has recent updates.


5. If you cannot resolve the problem that caused the CLSD message, then run the ocrconfig -overwrite to start the node.

ocrconfig -overwrite

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