Back up the OCR (Oracle Cluster Registry) disk in RAC environment

Back up the OCR (Oracle Cluster Registry) disk in RAC environment

Two methods to take backup for OCR disks :
1. Automatic backup
In Automatic backup Clusterware automatically take OCR backup every 4 hours and retain last 3 backup copies. CRSD process keep full day backup and after each week.
2. Manual backup
In manual backup you have to run the ocrconfig -manualbackup command to take the backup from any node where oracle clusterware is running. It useful if you make changes in OCR.

List all the OCR backup files

ocrconfig -showbackup

Check the integrity of backup files

ocrdump -backupfile backup_file_name

Note: 12.2 version the default location for backup is a ASM disk group but you cannot change to a local file system. in 12.2 only change from ASM to ASM diskgroup.

Change the location where OCR creates backup

ocrconfig -backuploc file_name

-- For directory
ocrconfig -backuploc /u02/grid_home/cdata/cluster3

-- For ASM
ocrconfig –backuploc +bkupocrdg

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