Map EBS Storage with Window EC2 instance in AWS

Map EBS Storage with Window EC2 instance in AWS

We are showing the example of mapping the EBS Storage device in Windows EC2 instance of Amazon web services. We created seperate EBS Storage and tried to map this storage with one of my instance EC2 which is running windows Server 2016

Note: For Mapping EBS storage and EC2 instance both in same zone.

following are the steps configured disk in Window EC2 instance

1. Create an Window EC2 instance and login in into it.

2. Go to EBS Storage on right side and create a volume.
Important: Before create check EC2 instance zone both EBS volume and EC2 instance should be in same zone.

Elastic Block Storage 1.PNG

3. Start Creating the EBS Volume from CREATE VOLUME button on AWS console.

Create EBS 2

4. Select the Size as you need and Zone (same as EC2 instance). Press CREATE Volume button at last.
In example i am choosing min as i need to show example. Always pick min as you need because it is model pay as you grow.

Create Volume 3

5. Attach the created EBS to EC2 instance.

Attached Volume 4

6. EBS volume is only attached if both are in same Zone.

Attach instance 6

7. Go to EC2 instance, Open the Computer Management –> Select Disk Management.

Computer Management 7.PNG

8. In Disk Management is show offline then online by right click on it.

Online the disk 8

10. Right Click then initialise disk for use.

Initialize Disk 9.PNG

11. Complete the initialize disk process.

MBT 10

12. Create new volume and select the drive name as D: drive and finish the process by next button.

New Sample Volume 11

13. Your device is formatted and ready for use.

Disable or Delete the Drive EBS

1. First detached the volume on AWS Console at EBS console –> volume –> go to action and select deattach the volume.

Deattach volume 13

2. Delete the volume.

Delete volume.PNG

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