Uninstalling GoldenGate

Uninstalling GoldenGate

Step 1: Stop all gg processes

cd /home/oracle/ggs

$stop EXTRACT *
$stop REPLICAT *
$stop MGR

Step 2: Delete the process groups:

dblogin userid ggs_owner password g

Step 3:In windows, remove GGMGR service

C:\ggs\install deleteevents deleteservice

Step 4:In Windows,delete two gg related DLL files
(I didn’t see them in gg11gr2):

del c:\windows\system32\CATEGORY.DLL
del c:\windows\system32\GGSMSG.DLL

Step 5: Remove the gg home directory:

rm  -rf ggs

Step 6: :Login as sys and drop the gg owner user:

sqlplus / as sysdba
SQL> drop user ggs_owner cascade;


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