Easy Connect to Connect to a Database

Use of Easy Connect to Connect to a Oracle Database

You can directly connect to the Oracle database by providing complete information in the connection string including host name, Port , service or instance name of Oracle database server. In this we directly connect without using tnsnames.ora entry. In tnsnames.ora file we define the alias for connectivity.

Following is the syntax of Easy Connect.


CONNECT username/password@host[:port][/service_name][:server][/instance_name]

Example of using EASY CONNECT method with SQLPLUS utility:

sqlplus /nolog
SQL>CONNECT username@"host:1521/ORCL"
SQL> Enter password: password

HOST: Hostname of the server
1521: Means port number on which Oracle Server is listening.
ORCL: Instance name or service name used for listener connectivity
USERNAME: Provide username and password for the Oracle user.

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