Replace the tables with IMPDP datapump which already present in schema

TABLE_EXISTS_ACTION: Action to take if imported object already exists.
Valid values are: APPEND, REPLACE, SKIP and TRUNCATE.
Default option with IMPDP. If the the table exists, it will skip that table.
while IMPDP, if the table exists in the database, then it will append the data on top the existing data in the table.
impdp dumpfile=emp.dmp logfile=emp.log directory=dbbackup table_exists_action=APPEND
While IMPDP, if the table exists in database, it will truncate the table and load the data.
impdp dumpfile=emp.dmp logfile=emp.log directory=dbbackup table_exists_action=TRUNCATE
While importing, if the table exists in database, then it will drop it and recreate it from the dump
impdp dumpfile=emp.dmp logfile=emp.log directory=dbbackup table_exists_action=REPLACE

Example of replacing the existing table if already exists with REPLACE value in IMPDP process
1. Create a directory dbbackup1 where your dump file is placed for import operation.

create directory dbbackup as 'D:\dumpfile';

2. Grant read, write permission on directory to scott user:

grant read, write on directory dbbackup to Scott;

3. Import the table which is already exists in the database with the replace option of TABLE_EXISTS_ACTION parameter otherwise import process will generate the error that table is already exists in the database.

impdp directory=dbbackup dumpfile=SCOTT_DUMP.DMP logfile=SCOTT_DUMP_IMP.log

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