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SQLNET RECV TIMEOUT and SEND TIMEOUT cause end of file communication

SQLNET RECV TIMEOUT and SEND TIMEOUT cause end of file communication

I am getting the end of file communication error to one of my client, On checking the SQLNET files on both Client and DB server we found the following two parameter set:


“end of file communication” error that client were getting, which was resolved after I commented out the following 2 parameter in sqlnet.ora


SQLNET.RECV_TIMEOUT and SQLNET.SEND_TIMEOUT, we can have them both on client and server side.

Explain about both Parameter
If we have on the server side SQLNET.RECV_TIMEOUT=1, it means that if the database doesn’t receive a request, package exchange in 1 seconds from the client,
the connection with that client is terminated or timeout.

If SQLNET.SEND_TIMEOUT=1 and if the database cannot complete the send operation to the client in 1 second, the connection is timeout.

The general troubleshoot for this issue is to increase the value of those parameter or don’t use it.
but if still you want to use them you need to increase the SQLNET.SEND_TIMEOUT=600 to a higher value.