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Oracle oradim utility for Windows

Oracle Oradim utility manages the Services in Windows Platforms

oradim is Oracle utility used on the Windows platform to perform tasks like Instance service creation, Startup the database, shutdown the database, delete the instance service, manage the Services on shutdown mode – Normal,immediate,abort

You can use the following command with different parameter to start/stop/create the service of database:

Start database with Oradim utility

C:\oracle\11g\bin\oradim -startup -sid ORCL –usrpwd manager
-starttype SRVC,INST -pfile C:\ora11g\admin\ORCL92\pfile\init.ora

  • startup – Indicates that the specified instance should be started.
  • sid – The SID of the database to start.
  • usrpwd – The password for the database user.
  • starttype – Specifies whether to start the instance, the service, or both

Startup – following Parameter in Oradim command can be used to start the instance:

C:\oracle\11g\bin\oradim –startup –sid ORCL

Shutdown – Shutdown the instance of Database

C:\oracle\11g\bin\oradim -shutdown -sid ORCL -shutttype SRVC,INST –shutmode A  

Create instance – Create instance on windows with Oradim (used in dataguard implementation)

C:\oracle\11g\bin\oradim–new –sid MYSID –intpwd –maxusers 20 startmode auto –pfile initMYSID.ora

Delete Instance – Delete the instance from windows

C:\oracle\11g\bin\oradim –delete –sid MYSID