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Temporary TEMP location Change in windows for avoid space error FTP process

Temporary Change TEMP Location in Windows platform for avoid insufficient Space error in C: Drive During FTP Process

In windows, when we do any operation like download, ftp etc, Due to insufficient space in C: Drive the we got error for insufficient space.

Suppose i created one batch file as ftp job which will transfer the backup of 16 GB files from Production Server to Test Environment daily. It’s start failed due to insufficient space but on D: drive on windows have sufficient space around 100 GB.

Error occurred due to environment variable TEMP is set to default C:\temp directory which is pointing to C: Drive which is not having sufficient space to do the operation then it will generate an error of insufficient space for operation.

You can change the temp space location temporary for any task like ftp if d drive have enough space

set temp= D:\
set tmp=D:\

You can set this parameter temporary before the operation start for session level or used it in batch files for batch operation.