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Configure mail alert for EXPDP / IMPDP datapump backup Script

Configure mail alert for EXPDP / IMPDP datapump backup Script

In Linux platform, we can create the expdp command as bash shell script where we defined the expdp commands running for oracle database.

Expdp directory=dbbackup dumpfile=prod.dmp logfile=expdp_db_name.log

After using this command you can able to put the following line in the shell script use the logfile name in the below command it will send you the mail for last 4 line EXPDP backup which will give you the error status or successfully completed status without error. It will help you to not monitor your session again and again.

tail -4 /data02/bkp/script/expdp_dbname_*.log  | mail -s "Backup Status:dbname"  mail@gmail.com