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Create and backup the ASM Password file in RAC Environment

Create and backup the Password File in a Disk Group of RAC Environment

ORAPWD supports the creation of password files on an Oracle ASM disk group.
All other password file manipulation is performed with ASMCMD or SRVCTL commands.

Manage password file

srvctl modify asm -pwfile location
srvctl modify database -db dbname -pwfile location
srvctl config asm

Creating a Password File in a Disk Group

orapwd file='+data/ORCL/orapwdb' dbuniquename='orcl'

For Creating ASM Password file Need to specify ASM.

orapwd file='+data/ASM/orapwasm' asm=y

Create password file from disk to diskgroup

orapwd input_file='/oraclegrid/dbs/orapwasm' file='+data/ASM/orapwasm' asm=y

Backing Up and Restoring an Oracle ASM Password File
Backup and restore is important if you lost the diskgroup then you can use another or restore that file from diskgroup password file

Backup steps for Password file

1. Get the location of Password file.

ASMCMD [+] > pwget --asm

2. Backup the password file to other diskgroup.

ASMCMD [+] > pwcopy +DATA/orapwasm +FRA/my_pwfile_backup

3. Verify the backup is created.

ASMCMD [+] > ls +fra/my_pwfile_backup

Restore Steps for password file

1. Two way to restore password file: Copy from anther diskgroup or change the location to new diskgroup.

-- Copy from anther diskgroup to old location diskgroup.
ASMCMD [+] > pwcopy --asm +FRA/my_pwfile_backup +DATA2/my_orapwasm

--change or set the location to new diskgroup.
ASMCMD [+] > pwset --asm +FRA/my_pwfile_backup

2. Verify the Password file location

ASMCMD [+] > pwget --asm

Refer from

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