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Optimizer adaptive features parameter obsolete in 12.1 version

optimizer_adaptive_features parameter obsolete in 12.1 version

Error Occurred:
ORA-32003: error occurred processing parameter ‘optimizer_adaptive_features’
LRM-00101: unknown parameter name ‘optimizer_adaptive_features’

After applied the Oct released bundle patch 26720785 on 12.1 version, it obsolete the parameter optimizer_adaptive_features like 12.2 version in 12.1 version of Oracle.
OCT released bundle patched 26720785 included the separate released patch 22652097 (PROVIDE SEPARATE CONTROLS FOR ADAPTIVE PLANS AND ADAPTIVE STATISTICS FEATURES) in order to have the same behavior in 12.2.

In 12.2 version, this parameter optimizer_adaptive_features was obsoleted and replaced with two parameters : ‘optimizer_adaptive_plans’ and ‘optimizer_adaptive_statistics’.

After applied the Oct bundle patch on 12.1 version of Oracle Home binaries, then tried to startup the database and got the following errors:

ORA-01078: failure in processing system parameters
ORA-32003: error occured processing parameter 'optimizer_adaptive_features'
LRM-00101: unknown parameter name 'optimizer_adaptive_features'

Solution: Remove the obsoleted parameter optimizer_adaptive_features from the spfile or pfile. Steps as follows:

1. Connect with the database
sqlplus sys as sysdba

2. create the pfile from spfile
create pfile='E:\init.ora' from spfile;

3. Remove the text file in notepad and removed the parameter optimizer_adaptive_features.

4. Save it and connect with database.

5. Create spfile from pfile;
create spfile from pfile='E:\init.ora';

6. Start the database.

Note: For manually control use the two new parameters optimizer_adaptive_plans and optimizer_adaptive_statistics

Alter system set optimizer_adaptive_plans=false scope=both;
Alter system set optimizer_adaptive_statistics=false scope=both;