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Export or Import of Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR) in RAC

Export or Import of Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR) in RAC

Oracle Export and import is other utility to take backup of OCR and Restore the OCR.
Oracle recommends you to use automatic or manual backups and use the ocrconfig -restore command instead of the ocrconfig -export and -import commands because Backup is not consistent snapshot in export. For consistent backup you need to shutdown the cluster on all nodes.

Exports OCR content to a file format.
Note: best practice is down the clusterware on all nodes then take the export backup at consistent state.

ocrconfig -export filename

1. ocrconfig -export and ocrconfig -import commands are compatible.
2. ocrconfig -manualbackup and ocrconfig -restore commands are compatible.

Import the OCR

1. List the nodes in your cluster from one node:


2. Stop Oracle Clusterware on all of the nodes:

crsctl stop crs

--force fully
crsctl stop crs -f

3. Start Clusterware in exclusively in one node:

crsctl start crs -excl

4. Stop the CRSD resource:

crsctl stop resource ora.crsd -init

5. Import OCR by running the following command as root:

ocrconfig -import file_name

6. Check the integrity of OCR:


7. Stop Oracle Clusterware on the node which running in exclusive mode:

crsctl stop crs -f

8. Start the Oracle clusterware services on all nodes:

crsctl start crs

9. Verify the OCR integrity by cluvfy command:

cluvfy comp ocr -n all -verbose