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Install different version of MYSQL Server instances on same Window Server

Install different version of MYSQL Server instances on Windows

Note: Wizard of MySQL not help in it. It only enable to install the old version.

Following are the steps for install other version of MySQL

1. Click on the Installation Software.

2. You will see that already SQL Server 8.0 is already installed on it.

MySQL Installer 1.JPG

3. On next screen you will see only the product related to your current version installed. You need to click on Edit button on it.

Product list 2

4. You need to click on Edit button on it.

Filter 3.JPG

5. On filter window, Change the Current release to other release then you will see all other version on previous screen.

Other Release 4

6. You will see all other version in MY SQL Server tab.

Install other Version 6.JPG

7. Select the version you needed and press arrow button to add in another window.

MySQL Server Install 7.JPG

8. Ready to download and install

Ready to download 8.JPG

9. Press next for ready for configuration windows.

10. It will start ask for configuration setting as new installation.

MySQL Installer

11. You need to change the default port number because it is already used by old installation. Make it from 3306 to 3307 and click next.

Choose port.JPG

12. Set the Root account password and click Next.

ROOT passoword.JPG

13. Install Windows Services.

Install Window Services

14. Apply Configuration windows and press execute button

Apply Configuration.JPG

15. Start progressing the installation.

start progressing.JPG

16. Finish.