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Difference Between EXP/IMP and EXPDP/IMPDP jobs in Oracle

Difference Between EXP/IMP and EXPDP/IMPDP jobs in Oracle

Following are the few points which let us know the difference between EXP/IMP and EXPDP/IMPDP jobs:

1. In Datapump(EXPDP/IMPDP) job we can disconnect from it, its running in background but exp/imp its not possible disconnect means its terminated.

2. We can monitor the Datapump(EXPDP/IMPDP) job by special dictionary view with job name information how far it done etc but EXP/IMP we monitor with v$session_longops view no special view is present for monitoring them.

3. Datapump(EXPDP/IMPDP) job is resume-able if job is terminated then we can resume from that point but not in EXP/IMP job.

4. Datapump(EXPDP/IMPDP) job has parallel option but EXP/IMP not.

5. Datapump has application programming interface (API) i.e DBMS_DATAPUMP package. With this we can custimized the use of datapump operation according to our need by code but not possible in EXP/IMP.

6. Datapump worked only on Server side, it generate output at server side due to directory parameter is use but EXP/IMp has option to run from client side.

7. Datapump has option to estimate the output file without running it but not in EXP/IMP.