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Manage the Oracle Restart ( Oracle High Availability Services)

Manage the Oracle Restart or Oracle High Availability Services

Manage the Oracle High Availability Services stack in the Oracle Restart environment which consists of the Oracle High Availability Services daemon
(ohasd), Oracle ASM (if installed), and Cluster Synchronization Services.

Check status of High availability service

crsctl check has

Check startup configuration of Oracle High Availability Service

crsctl config has

Start and stop the Oracle High Availability Service

--For Start the service
crsctl start has
-- For stop the service
crsctl stop has

Enable and disable of Oracle High availability service

-- For enable
crsctl enable has
-- for disable
crsctl disable has

Check release version of Oracle Clusterware software

crsctl query has releaseversion

Check software version of Oracle Clusterware

crsctl query has softwareversion