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Glacier Storage in AWS

Glacier Storage in AWS

Glacier is storage class in S3, It is very low cost storage service that provides secure, durable and flexible storage for data backup and archival.
Glacier uses vault. Amazon glacier data stored as archives. An archive is any object such as a photo, video, or document which you store in vault.
A single archive can be large as 40 terabytes.

Indirectly use the Glacier by creating Lifecycle rule in S3 storage property

--Creating Lifecycle Rule in S3 Properties.

s3--> Create bucket --> upload some backup --> start upload --> Now backup in S3 storage -->
Bucket property --> lifecycle ---> Versioning need to be turned on ----> create role that object in S3 stored archive to glacier storage class in 30 days

Directly by awscli command (only cli command used in Glacier Service

aws glacier upload-archive --account-id - --vault-name --body

aws glacier upload-archive --account-id - --vault-name edureka --body backupforglacer