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Enable Encryption of object in S3 bucket AWS

Enable Encryption of objects in S3 bucket AWS

If encryption is enabled then no one can open your documents in AWS without encryption key.

Two type encryption:
Server Side
Encryption at REST(Server Side) is achieved by (like hard disk is encrypted stored data). Amazon help to encrypted at Server side.

Three types for S3 in Server Side encryption:
S3 managed keys- SSE-S3(Server side encryption S3): Amazon managed all the keys for you.
AWS key management service, Managed keys-SSE-KMS: You and amazon managed keys together.
Server Side encryption with customer provided keys(SSE-C): you provide keys to amazon for managed.

Client Side Encryption:
in this you encrypted data yourself and upload to amazon S3 service.

Enable the Encryption for the object

1. Login to the AWS console.

2. Go to S3 Service in Storage Class.

3. Open the bucket and select the object which you want to change the Encryption. Currently Encryption is showing NONE in following image.

Encryption None.PNG

4. Click on the Encryption for change the encryption of the object with Serverside encryption:

Change Encryption.PNG

5. Conform the changes for the object.

conform change

6. Now click on object to check its property. You will see the encryption is changed.

Encryption changed