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Upgradation of Database in SQL Server with Attach and Deattach

Upgrade of Database in SQL Server with attach and deattach option

1. Check the location of datafiles of database.

Right click on database and go to properties and check datafile location.

2. Shutdown SQL Server 2000 (express) service on old machine.

Stop all the Services of SQL Server in services.msc.

3. Move datafiles (mydatabase.mdf and mydatabase.ldf) to new machine.

cp paste the datafile which need to copy.

4. Run SQL Server Management Studio 2008.

5. Connect to local server of sql Server 2008.

6. Attach datafiles to database.

Right click on databases and go to attach option.

7  Attach datafiles to database.

Give the location of mdf files present for database and put the name of database.

8.  Change the compatibility level of database to SQL 2008 (100).

Once done, change compatibility level of database and configure the backup of the database.