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Calculate Size of Redo log file according to no of switches you need in Oracle

Determine the size of Redo file according no of switches per hour in Oracle

For calculating the Size of Redo log file, we can use the following formula:

(Current Switches per hour * Redo Log Size)/(Desired number of Switches)=New redo log size

Example: Suppose we are having 100 M Size of redo log file which switch on an average 10 times in hours and we want to make switch 4 times per hours. For that we can calculate the New Redo log size by using the formula:

Current Switches per hour = 10
Redo log Size = 100 M
Desired number of switches = 4
Calculate New Redo log Size: 10*100/4 = 250M New Size needed for Redo log file to make switches 4 per hours.
New Redo Size = (Current Switches per hour * Redo Log Size)/(Desired number of Switches)