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In this we are handling Oracle Database Administration and development task. If provide solution of ORA Errors and configuration Steps for setup in Oracle.

Check non default parameter in Oracle database

Check changed parameter in Spfile of Oracle database

Find the list of non default parameter in Oracle

set pages 100 lines 100
col name format a30
col value format a50
select name, value
from v$parameter
where isdefault = 'FALSE'
and value is not null
order by name;

NAME                           VALUE
--------------------------     --------------
enable_ddl_logging             TRUE
enable_pluggable_database      TRUE
fal_server                     TESTDR
fixed_date                     NONE
job_queue_processes            0

nls_territory                  AMERICA
open_cursors                   500

Check the list of parameter is default or non default parameter:

select name, value, isdefault from v$parameter order by name;