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Generate ER Diagram with DBVisualizer in image format

Generate the ER diagram of schema with DBVisualizer in image format

  1. We can download the DB visualizer tool for generating the ER diagram
  2. Open the DB visualizer tool and connect with the DB for which you want to develop the ER diagram by clicking create connection.

3. After connecting with DB server –> go to the server at left panel and expand to the tables –> right click on table to open new tab.

4. Open the new tab then click on references for generate the ER Diagram:

5. It will generate the ER diagram for all tables as shown below:

6. You can click on the + button to zoom in and save this ER diagram in JPG format by right click on the ER diagram and choosing JPG as the save format.

7. Now you can save the JPG file and open in picture viewer as you can zoom it also to see clearly: