Oracle docker image of Oracle database from Oracle Container Registry

Oracle latest docker image for using Oracle Database

We used Oracle Database express edition docker image from Oracle Container Registry website.

Login to the Oracle Container Registry website:

Go to the databases page for download the build docker image for latest provided Oracle database image:

Copy the command for the docker to pull the image provided by Oracle database. I choose for express edition.

Express edition image is choose, it will open page for pull docker image. you must has docker installed on your machine.

Run the following command taken from above window on terminal for pull the image of Oracle Database Express Edition:

docker pull

After pull run the image as ORCL name:

docker run -d --name <db>

docker run -d --name ORCL

Check the status of ORCL container until it become healthy with following command:

docker ps

Note: After run my status remain unhealth for 1 hour then i restart the docker again with following command:

docker restart orcl

After starting few minutes it’s become Healthy:

Now we are ready to use Oracle Database Express Edition as container in docker:

Connect with Sqlplus command:

docker exec -it ORCL sqlplus / as sysdba

Check Listerner status

Check tnsping status:

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