Make connection with outside from Oracle docker with Oracle Container Registry

We pulled a Docker image from Oracle Container Registry having Oracle Database. We can make connection from outside with Oracle Database. We need to mention the -p port or ORACLE_PWD for password. So first we start the docker image as shown below.

First Start a docker from the image.

docker run -d --name ORCL2 -p 1521 -p 5500 -e ORACLE_PWD=sys123

Note: -d for background check docker comes in health state with docker ps

sunny@Oracle1:~$ docker ps

\CONTAINER ID   IMAGE                                                      COMMAND                  CREATED       STATUS                 PORTS                                                                                      NAMES

888dacf84e76   "/bin/sh -c 'exec $O…"   3 hours ago   Up 3 hours (healthy)>1521/tcp, :::32771->1521/tcp,>5500/tcp, :::32770->5500/tcp   ORCL2

Check with SQLPLUS from docker command that database is working:

For connectivity from docker image we need to check the mapped port:

unny@Oracle1:~$ docker port ORCL2

1521/tcp ->

1521/tcp -> :::32771

5500/tcp ->

5500/tcp -> :::32770

Now we can see that 1521 port mapped with 32771 as localhost. Make connection in dbeaver as follows:


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