Start the RAC database using SRVCTL in a restricted mode in Oracle

SRVCTL command using RAC database start or stop in Oracle

Start database in restricted mode with SRVCTL command in RAC Environment:

--Start the database in Restricted Mode
srvctl start database -d orcl -o restrict
--Check Status of the database
srvctl status database -d orcl

Start the RAC database in different stages: Nomount, Mount, Open

-- Start the database in Nomount stage
srvctl start database -d orcl -o nomount

--Start the database in Mount Stage
srvctl start database -d orcl -o mount

--Start the database in Open stage
srvctl start database -d orcl -o open
srvctl start database -d orcl

Stop the RAC database

-- Stop or shutdown the database
srvctl stop database -d orcl

Start database in the Read-only stage:

srvctl start database -d orcl -o "read only"

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